Mac Funamizu: Designer

I love design. I'm good at turning "0" into "1". When we're focusing on "1", I'm good at thinking of "π". I'm good at finding "1", but I'm not good at putting ten "0.1"s together to make it. I don't like counting from "1" to "10" in order. I like skipping from "2" to "9" and skipping back from "8" to "3". Told to get "10", I'm always thinking of "5000". Most people's "10" is between my "9" and "11".

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"Crossroad Magazine" in Hungary/Budapest
Polish magazine "VOX DESIGN"
Podcast ""
Design Blogazines "NEXT Design Trends"
"Cairo Editore" in Italy
"LAPTOP Magazine" of New York
International publication "MONITOR magazine"
"Maxim magazine" of Serbia
Interviewed in The Pakistani Spectator Interviewed in Mangobot
"Shortlist Magazine" in the U.K.
"Noline" of China
"Alves Stuff magazine" of France
"Claudine Alves Stuff magazine" of France
"Next Magazine" of Hong Kong
"Okinawa Living magazine" of Okinawa, Japan
"GOOD magazine" in Los Angeles
Belgian magazine "focus knack"
May issue of a Russian magazine “Interbizness”

concept design works (under construction)

My concept designs are introduced in
Behance Network.